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The fifth step in implementing a community distribution scheme is to build the distribution infrastructure you designed with the help of the engineer in step 2.

Infrastructure for Rebroadcasting

The infrastructure for rebroadcasting will include:

  • A tower (if no existing building is appropriate, and if there is no transmission tower in the community belonging to other entities on which you could obtain space).
  • One or more satellite receiving dishes to obtain the remote signals you want.
  • One or more digital transmitters and antennae to rebroadcast these signals out to the community.
  • Each household that wants to receive the package of rebroadcast channels needs a digital television set (or an analog-to-digital converter for older TVs) and an antenna.

Infrastructure for Cablecasting

The infrastructure for cablecasting will include:

  • A centrally located "head end" (a building or a small room within an existing building on which the satellite dish to receive the signals will be installed, and from which the cables carrying these signals will radiate out to the community).
  • One or more satellite receiving dishes to obtain the remote signals you want.
  • A digital converter in the head end to convert the satellite signal into a format televisions can display.
  • Cable to each building in the community that wants to receive the signals. These can either be mounted on telephone or hydro poles or placed underground in public rights of way.

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