Meet Geoff Scott and TriCities TV


Geoff Scott is the founder TriCities TV in Port Coquitlam, Port Moodie and Coquitlam, BC. TriCities produces content that airs on Shaw's Vancouver-area cable system. TriCities hopes to be carried by Telus in the near future as well.

A big project for TriCities this year was helping high school students tape 40 interviews with senior citizens recollecting how Coquitlam was in th 1930s through 1960s, as part of the city's "Oral History" project.

Some of TriCities supporters and partners include: The Coquitlam Foundation, Coqitlam Heritage Society, la Société francophone de Maillardville, The Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce, PoCo Heritage, Leigh Square Arts Village (PoCo art centre), the Port Moody Art Centre Society, the Port Moody Historical Society, the Minnekhada Park Association.

(Note from Cathy Edwards, CACTUS' Executive Director: My favorite community TV clip of all time was shot by Geoff Scott as part of a project working with Aboriginal children. In it, the kids are encouraged to write and tape video fantasies. In one scene, a diminutive grade 4 child says, "Let's get the grade 2s to be mice" and then there's a cut to even more diminutive grade 2s saying, "No way. We don't want to be mice. We want to be SuperHeroes" and you see these pint-sized would be SuperHeroes jumping off pic-nic tables with their superheroe capes fluttering in the breeze above them. It has somehow always captured for me the essence of community media in enabling self-representation.)