For more information, please contact / Pour plus d’information nous contacter:

Cathy Edwards, Executive Director

tel: (819) 456-2237
email: cathy at timescape dot ca

Cathy Edwards used to be the Volunteer Co-ordinator and trainer at Shaw's community television channel in Calgary until 1997, the year the public was told it could no longer participate in local production. For the last several years, she has been touring the globe researching and documenting forms of community-access television. The results will be aired next year as the six-part series "My TV, Your TV, Our TV" on Canadian Learning Television, Access, the Education Station, PBS, FreeSpeech TV and Link TV.

CACTUS' board members include:

Geoff Scott (Western region)

Manager of Tricities Community TV, Port Coquitlam.

Patricia Elliott (Prairie region)

Associate professor of journalism, University of Regina.

Patrick Watt (Maritime region)

former Rogers community TV employee, and current Manager of St. Andrews Community TV in New Brunswick.

empty (Quebec)

Donna Mikeluk (Ontario)

Manager of the Schreiber Media Centre.