CACTUS and Wawatay Communications Sign Memorandum of Agreement to Develop Wawatay's Network of Communications Towers


Wawatay Communications was established in 1974 to serve First Nations people and communities of Nishnawbe Aski Nation. It does this through the distribution of a bi-weekly newspaper, daily radio programming (distributed over a network of 17 community-owned towers), television production services (airing on APTN) and a multimedia website that seeks to preserve and enhance indigenous languages and cultures of Aboriginal people in northern Ontario.

Wawatay also provides translation and interpretation services.

Wawatay and CACTUS have signed a memorandum of agreement to help Wawatay add new communications services to its service offering, including broadcast television from its existing network of 17 community-owned towers, and additional towers formerly used by TVO and the CBC. The parties will also investigate the potential to use the tower infrastructure to enhance the availability of broadband Internet in the communities served.

Outreach and ongoing development support to Wawatay are possible thanks to a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.