Community Distribution: Satellite Downlink Costs

satellite downlink small.JPG

You have to pay a fee to the satellite provider of the services you want, to cover the costs of maintaining the satellite. This is called a downlink fee. A typical downlink fee might be $130 per channel per month.

If you're planning to offer a wireless Internet service, you'll also to have to pay an uplink fee so that residents can not only access information and web pages from other parts of Canada and the world, but send information back out to the rest of the world. These fees are calculated by the bandwidth you need (how much information residents of your community will be sending and receiving).

While satellite Internet is available direct to individual households in rural Canada already at between $50 and $150 per month from various companies (with a dish), these rates can be brought down significantly by sharing the service. For example, you may be able to get rates down to as low as $20 per household per month, just because not everyone will need to use it at the same time, or equally heavily from one day to the next.

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