Jan 21, 2009: CACTUS raises mystery of missing submissions from CRTC’s Community TV Proceeding

Ottawa (January 21, 2009) The Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations (CACTUS) hand-delivered more than four hundred submissions to the CRTC today in support of community control of community media.

“Despite enormous obstacles we’ve been trying to get the word out to everyone concerned about the future of their community TV channels,” said spokesperson Cathy Edwards. “We’re grateful that 430 people have already filed submissions that support community administration of and access to these channels. But we’re very concerned that these comments, some of them sent to the CRTC more than two weeks ago, aren’t showing up on the CRTC’s website record of the proceeding.”

CACTUS noted that the CRTC has no specific rules about submissions filed for policy hearings, and generally posts such letters promptly. “Some people have signed the same letter of support for a return to genuine community television,” Edwards said. “But others have taken the time to share their own experiences with community television and the importance of access for ordinary people to the broadcasting system. There are even submissions in support of a return to community-access that were originally posted on the site that have disappeared.” Meanwhile, several hundred letters that support the status quo (cable companies running community channels) have been made available for examination by the CRTC.

“It’s a mystery,” said Edwards, “but we hope we can help the CRTC by delivering the submissions ourselves – all four and a quarter pounds’ worth.” The CRTC is preparing to conduct its first review of its community TV policy in eight years. The deadline for comments is midnight, February 1st.

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