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Dec. 2012 Letter to CRTC Regarding 2011 Cable Community TV Audit

This letter is a response to a June 21st, 2012 letter from CRTC staff regarding the audit done by the CRTC in March of 2011 of selected cable community channels. The letter requests a Commission decision about the findings.

Draft Powerpoint
Submission to CRTC 2013-1216-5, Re. Videotron's Application for a Separate Community LIcence for Anglophones in Montreal

Laith Marouf is the former director of Concordia University TV.

In this letter, he opposed Videotron's application for a separate community channel licence to serve anglophones in Montreal.

He documents the significant role that CUTV played in covering the student demonstrations during the 'Quebec spring' of 2012, and his view that the model of CUTV at the time (which was bilingual and reached out to all concerned citizens) could be a model for an independent community TV channel for Montreal.

Submission to CRTC by Steering Committee for ICTV Montreal

This is a letter to the CRTC from a citizen group calling itself the Steering Committee for Independent Community TV in Montreal, asking the CRTC to delay a decision on Videotron's request for a second community TV channel in Montreal (in English), while it develops a model for community TV that would be open to the whole community.

This letter was submitted on October 7th, 2013.

What Would an Independent Community TV Channel for Montreal Be Like?

This is an appendix to a letter written by the Steering Committee for Independent Community TV (ICTV) in Montreal to the CRTC on October 7th, 2013.

The document summarizes how an independent model for community TV could offer a platform for local expression that would be accessible to the whole community.

Bell's Application for Bilingual Community Channels in Ottawa and Montreal

CACTUS' intervention to Bell's application to retain 4% of its revenues to offer bilingual community channels in Ottawa and Montreal.

CACTUS Intervention Against Separate Anglophone and Francophone Community Channels in Montreal

CACTUS intervened against Videotron's application to the CRTC to use 4% of its revenues in the Greater Montreal area to offer dual community channels, one in English and one in French.

CACTUS Intervention Against Bell Moving Away from Linear Community Channel

CACTUS' intervention against an application by Bell to the CRTC to allocate part of its local expression spending toward an Internet platform, and away from a linear community channel.

CACTUS Intervention Against Separate Community Channels in Fredericton and Saint John

CACTUS Intervention Against Rogers' Application to the CRTC to Spend 4% of its revenues in Fredericton and Saint John on dual English and French community channels.

Municipal World Article:

An article written by Catherine Edwards about the potential role of public libraries as the nuclei for the digital community media centres of the future.

The Community TV Trade in Canada

This is a community television history extending from West Kootenay Television in 1971 through ICTV in East Vancouver in 1997 up to Campbell River being taken over by Shaw in 2009. The Kelowna CRTC hearing where C.M.E.S. Community Media Education Society applied to provide independent volunteer-oriented channels in BC and Alberta, after TELUS said it did not plan to offer community programming, is covered in detail.

CACTUS Phase III Submission to "Let's Talk TV" (CRTC 2014-190)

This is CACTUS' written submission to Phase III of the CRTC's "Let's Talk TV" consultation (CRTC 2014-190).

Let's Talk TV Summary of Submissions Relevant to Community TV

This document summarizes submissions to phase III of the CRTC's "Let's Talk TV" consultation (CRTC 2014-190) from industry groups and stakeholders. It does not reflect comments by individual Canadians.

CMG Letter to CRTC Requesting Hearing Delay

Letter from CMG submitted to CRTC Requesting that Policy Review Be Delayed Until after Community Media Conference.

CACTUS Submission to Spectrum Auction Framework 2015

CACTUS' comments to Industry Canada regarding its proposal to align its television spectrum usage plans with those of the US.

Application Form for Local Journalism Initiative - English

Application form to host a journalist under Heritage Canada's Local Journalism Initiative.

Completed application forms can be e-mailed up until September 6th, 2019 to

For more information about the program or the application process, contact:

  • (819) 456-2237 or (705) 279-5729 in all provinces and territories except Quebec

  • (888) 739-1616 in Quebec
Formulaire de dépot de projet pour L'initiative de journalisme local

Formulaire de dépot de projet pour l'initiative de journalisme local de patrimoine Canada

Vous pouvez télécharger le formulaire ici pour faire une demande. Vous avez jusqu'au 6 septtembre pour le faire.

Pour des réponses à vos questions ou pour soumettre votre candidature, veuillez communiquer avec :

  • Au Québec : (888) 739-1616
  • Pour le reste du Canada : (819) 456-2237 or (705) 279-5729
CACTUS Submission to Broadcasting Review Panel

CACTUS' Submission to the Broadcasting Review Panel, tasked by government to prepare a report with recommendations for the revision of the Broadcasting Act.

Local Journalism Initiative Phase II Application Form and Guidelines

Guidelines and Application form for the Local Journalism Initiative Phase II (April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2023)

Deadline: Oct. 15, 2021

LJI Application Form (.doc) Phase II

Local Journalism Initiative guidelines and application form for April 1, 2021 through March 31, 2023.

.odt format (editable)

Formulaire de candidature pour l'Initiative de journalisme local (.pdf)

Formulaire de candidature pour l'Initiative de journalisme local (.pdf)

- pour le financement 1 avril 2021 jusqu'au 31 mars, 2023

- date limite: 15 octobre, 2021

Formulaire de candidature pour l'Initiative de journalisme local (.doc)

Formulaire de candidature pour l'Initiative de journalisme local (.doc)

- format editable
- date limite: le 15 octobre, 2021

CACTUS and Federation Submission to the Heritage Committee Study on Bill C-18, the Online News Act
Soumission de CACTUS et de la Fédération à l'étude du Comité du patrimoine sur le projet de loi C-18, la Loi sur les nouvelles e